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November 6th, 2008

I got up bright and early to catch my shuttle from Xela to Panajachel. Once I got to Pana, I asked to be dropped off at the public launcha...except I was dropped off at the private one. So, I didn't want to pay for a private boat, so I slowly walked to the public one, asking everyother person if I was headed the right direction. I got into a bit of trouble. This old, scrawly, cowboy (he had a cowboy hat on) decided to follow me and then escort me there. I told him that I was perfectly fine and I could get there on my own...it was just around the corner. He walked quite a head of me, so I thought maybe he was headed there also. Anywho, I made it to the dock and I talked to a group of young guys wearing similar t-shirts. They worked for the public launcha. I asked them which boat was headed to San Pedro and I hopped on. Cowboy then decided to approach me for money. The guy who I was asking about the boats, motioned a big 'no' to me. I said I'm sorry, but I have no change...which I didn't. Anywho, he left...then came back. Then the guy asked my to pay...luckily a gringo who had been working in guatemala informed me that you don't pay until you get there. So...I said that I'd pay once I got there, like everyone else. I'm so glad the gringo told me that, because I have a feeling that if I paid then that I would have had to pay again once I got off the boat...Cowboy finally left and I talked to gringo, Joan, on the way to San Pedro.

The boat ride to San Pedro was great. I always enjoy being on the water. I found a cheap place to crash and paid for 2 nights. I got settled and walked around. San Pedro didn't have that small town feeling to it. There were to many gringos selling jewlery on the streets for my liking. I met Sonia while wondering the streets and she was staying in the hotel next to mine. She was leaving the next day for San Marcos and also didn't really enjoy San Pedro. Anywho, I booked a hike up a mountain...called something like Indian Nose in Spanish for the next morning. And was thinking that i'd hike in the morning and if i felt like it, i'd rent a kayak in the afternoon and just float around.

I met up with Sonia and Karrie and hungout and relaxed. The view from the roof of the hotel is amazing and relaxing. I fell asleep to the smell of paint...great...they had painted a room a couple of doors down from me early that day.


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