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Where the deer and the antelope play...well Pronghorn anyway


















Petroglyphs at the Petrified forest

Newspaper Rock





This was where we were staying at Lyman Lake state park





A spaceman?






The hills around petrified forest


Headin' down





Takin' a break














We stayed near the Petrified Forest and made a few day trips there. The colors in the petrified wood was simply amazing. It can be found all over northeast AZ but the Petrified Forest has the highest concentration of the most colorful pieces. The petroglyphs were carved into rock that was covered by "desert varnish". It is the black/dark brown coating you see on the rock and is caused by an oxidation process. You would think that it would easily scratch off but if you take a rock and try to carve something you barely get a visible line. I can't imagine how long it took to do some of these images. No wonder they're still around after so long. Thank God for the printing press....

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