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Shiprock rising in the distance

Mountain storm


Shiprock up close

Toadlena has been a trading post since about 1868!

The girls like thier 'jamies

Uh, that snow is getting close





No comment...


14 degrees! Time to head south!

Stopped in Shiprock to go to the Navajo Festival. We were actually just over the line in Colorado but spent a most of our time down in New Mexico. Shiprock is a volcanic rock formation that extends up out of the desert floor that you can literally see for miles. We were staying near Cortez, CO which was 26 miles away and could see it clearly most days! The indians used it as both a navigational aid as well as a spiritual center.

The festival was pretty cool expecially the native dancing. Some of the ceremonies you weren't allowed photography and others you needed to ask permission. The Navajo in general do not like to have thier pictures taken as they think it "steals the soul". You didn't see any Navajo with cameras or video equipment. So out of respect I didn't even take my gear, just enjoyed the experience.

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