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1969 Chevelle Super Sport

Joyce trying to start the car

Joyce and her baby

The Grille - License is the same as the Nevada one was,...

The engine - Headers added

Another View

Bill and Joyce his favorite cousin

Very clean trunk - original wheel but spare tire was replaced

Closeup of the wheels

Livermore at dusk

Today we drove up to Citrus Heights, and then on to Roseville to visit family. We were surprised by the number of abandoned strip malls up near Stockton. We didn't drive through the town, so couldn't see how many homes have been lost to forclosure, but if the malls are an indication, the Central Valley of California is hurting. Our favorite landmark Pollardville, which was a large old restaurant along Highway 5 has closed down, and the building is being demolished to make way for some large expensive homes. We used to love to drive by the place because it had huge chickens everywhere, even on the building. They were ornamental, and I think it was a chicken restaraunt. We never stopped there, just liked the look of the building.

Our visit with Bills cousins Brack and Joyce was wonderful as usual. Joyce has a new toy which I will post photo's of. Bill's family has a huge love of hot cars, and his cousin Joyce is no exception. She bought her brothers Cheville after he passed away. He had bought it new at age 17. It's a 1969 muscle car. All original.

After a wonderful visit and lunch we left and drove to Roseville, where I got to visit with my sister in-law Debbi. I got to see a Grand Niece who was home from Kindergarten. She had made us cookies. It was a fun visit.

We drove home and got into Livermore just as the sun was setting. The old downtown is very pretty when the sun is going down. They've really revitalized the town.

This coming Saturday is our Grandson's Casino Graduation party from College. He's going all out. He's supposed to be here on Friday to transform this house. Should be interesting and fun. I'll get pictures.

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