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Today it was my turn to prepare dinner. After a leisurely breakfast, I peeled the asparagus and steamed them. When they were cool I poured a mixture of oil, red wine, and tons of crushed garlic over them and chilled them in the fridge until this evening. Then I started the sauce for veal pizziola.

The other night we had a frost so the pretty flowers in the garden are truly done for the year. It was a beautiful 65 degree day so Mary decided to take all of the wilted plants out of the garden beds. When I was done in the kitchen I joined her outside . It was good to work in the dirt again! It took quite awhile because she not only has a nice size flower garden but many pots and planters. Once we were done - including sweeping up- we stepped back to admire our work . Job well done!

Off to the showers to clean up. We were suppose to be nine for dinner but ended up being eight- Mary's oldest daughter , Mary Elizabeth, came with Liz but Larry (Mary E's husband, was still working. We sent a big bowl of pasta and veal home for him. My niece had baked an apple pie for dessert. She puts lemon zest in her apples and it gives the pie a nice tangy flavor.

The conversation around the dinner table is always lively. Tonight we discussed everything from the life of Chief Justice John Marshall to the Civil War to our travels through Wyoming and Montana. Fortunately, we turn the clock back tonight because it is quite late and we could all use the extra hour of sleep.

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