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Old Miss crossing into Arkie

Made it to Arkie

Pretty colors

Old Barn


What a view

Confederate Cemetary

Typical color on the hills

Nice way to walk

Need to visit Hogeye Mall - one of a kind

Spent the night in Jackson, Tn on Wednesday night. Headed on to Arkie for a couple of days. Lots of color in the trees around here. Hummm - went bunch, bunch of miles and seeing more color here. What do you think??? We were told most of the time when we were north that it would be a week or so until full color, guess we were just a little bit early but is pretty here. Looks like we'll be here til Sunday or Monday and then head on that way. We have got a figure from someone in Calif if we drive 24 hrs at 69.372 mi per hr would could be home in one day - doesn't allow for eating, potty or fuel. Think we're too old to try that.

Enjoy some of the pictures Harvey took of the trees around here. Really nice. Found a new mall just a little ways from Monte's. Have to see it to really want to shop. Right!

We'll update a little more as we head toward home - maybe - if we don't do the driving test!!! Got a Halloween picture last night that really makes me want to be home for sure. Papa wants to be home too!!!

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