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Pathway of rocks!

Beach of rocks!

Some sand down further

Our apartment over the garage


The Pond

Tom and Vinnie at the Breachway

Finally got to the beach today - what's left of it! Apparently this was the third violent storm of the season and the sand has been almost completely washed away exposing a tremendous amount of rocks. Such a change since last year when the beach was utter perfection. Next year I am sure Mother Nature will change the condition of the beach yet again.

The weather was sunny and a bit warmer so after checking out the beach, Tom decided to go fishing. He stayed about three hours at the breachway and got many hits and some "non-keepers". Vinnie , however, caught a really big Bluefish. He got out his fold up filleting table and went to work. He put the two huge fillets into ziplock bags to take to his son's house to be smoked. Tom and I have had smoked bluefish pate and it is delicious.

After a light supper , we read and waited for his sister, Mary, and his brother, Jim ,to arrive. At 10:00 pm we heard a car in the drive and sure enough - right on time- it was them. We helped empty out the car, chatted for a bit, and then called it a night. The forecast is for warmer temps and abundant sunshine tomorrow so Tom and his brother will undoubtedly go fishing. Mary has to go fabric shopping and I haven't got any plans yet.

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