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From early morning until late at night the rain and wind has been ferocious! The rain was on and off but when it came it hit the windows with such force and at a horizontal angle. The wind came from every direction. The trees, bushes and ornamental grasses were blowing every which way. Tomorrow is suppose to be better but not by much.

Tom walked down to the ocean ( I still haven't got there!) and said the waves were unbelievably high. They were crashing way in on the beach so he stood from afar to watch the action. He came back in a hurry and announced " it's nasty out there!".

The motion detector security light on the house is going crazy - on and off constantly. Even with all of this bad weather it is a great place to be. We are here alone until Thursday evening when my sister-in-law arrives. We are so grateful to Tom and Mary for sharing their beautiful home . We are very lucky.

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