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Well I spent the better part of the day looking for my prescription sunglasses. Gosh I loved those glasses! My only hope is that someone found them at the market and will turn them in. When I realized that they were missing I went back to the store but they didn't have them. When I called the market after I got home they still had not had any handed in but maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky. I am rather careless with my glasses. I guess I am getting what I deserve.

When I came back from the store Tom and I had lunch and then he left for the Breachway. It is a spot where all the fisherman go. A couple of years ago when we were in R.I. for Columbus Day weekend, he met a couple of guys from Boston who have been fishing here in October for forty years. Somehow last year we missed them but today when Tom drove in there was Vinnie and Dave. It was 5:30 when Tom finally came home. He had a great time talking to "the boys".

I made veal cutlets for dinner. It's been a very long time since we had them - what a treat. There is no TV here so you either keep busy on the computer, read, or go to bed very early! Tom is reading and you can see what I am doing. In a way I feel blessed that we are spared all of the political advertising. We gave in our absentee ballot before we left.

Maybe I'll actually get to walk on the beach tomorrow!

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