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The wedding was wonderful. My niece and now nephew-in-law, have traveled extensively throughout the world and speak many different languages. In the wedding ceremony they had ten of their friends, who are also polyglots, stand in a row in front of the altar and recite the same short blessing in ten languages. The rest of the ceremony was very personalized with more family and friend participation. The reception was fun and the food delicious - even the tiramisu wedding cake! We saw so many people that we haven't seen in at least ten years. It was so worth the effort we made to drive in from Arizona. One minor disaster- I went to take pictures and my battery was dead. I always have an additional battery with me and to my chagrin, that one was dead too. I never forget to charge them but on this very important day I was surprised to find out that there is always a first time!

After a light breakfast this morning, we waited for my sister and brother in law to pick up my Mom - who , by the way, is still fabulous at age 97! Then it was off to R.I. The weather was very cooperative throughout the whole weekend and it was a nice drive today. Got to the house a bit late after stopping at the market so walking by the ocean will have to wait until tomorrow.

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