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Entering one of the 3 states left

Flowers planted in the medium

Too bad Calif rest stops don't look like this

Can go so fast and not too slow

Scenery much the same, very pretty drive

We made it in to South Carolina this afternoon - before football game!!!! Spending tonight and going to leave in the morning for Chattanooga, Tn via Atlanta, Ga. Will make 1 more of the states we haven't been in. From Chattanooga we'll go to Bowling Green, Ky, next to last state, Alaska is the only one left but won't be this trip!!!!

Think we'll visit one last battlefield, it's in or close to Chattanooga so will spend 2 nights there. Then no more battlefields for a while - long while!!!! Think we're both ready to start home after Ky, but may or will go by Monte's for a couple of days if he's off this weekend. If not, not sure what we will do or for how long. Have had a good time but enough is getting to be enough. Scenery here is about the same, just the highways are divided by a medium strip that has either trees or flowers. Makes for a vert nice drive though. Rest stops back this way are really nice and the roadsides are so neat - no weeds or much trash. Will update more tomorrow night or whenever, depending on internet.

See ya down the road!

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