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I'm an offical Backpacker now! proud!

Who wants to be stuck in an office when you can see...

The Cameron Highalnds

Tea Plantations

The cute butterfly is the one on the right!

The National butterfly of Malaysia

I've seen rain!!!! Sorry to ruin your day but its been two months! So bloody hot in Malaysia its untrue so up in the mountains and loving it. Only 20 degrees or something....heaven!

Yesterday was my first official day as a Backpacker. I carried my own bag and am staying in a guest house (3 quid for a double room) bathroom down the corridor mind you! I won't lower my standards to a dorm unless I am really desperate.....I mean reallyyyyyy desperate. One thing that has surprised me is I thought everyone backpacking would be about 19 but the average age is about 28! With proper backpacking you get to meet so many new interesting people, I already have some 'new friends' to go to dinner with from New York and Switzerland.

So I have headed south to the Cameron Highlands, its were all the tea plantations are. Hugh acres of tea plants (owned by a Scottish guy!), then we went for a little trek...I wore trousers this time! We saw how they make tea and had the finest they make (the poor women pick it by hand!). Very interesting as I had never been to a plantation before, it was so green.....

Another sign I am getting old is I went to a butterfly farm! I am also taking photos of flowers.....very worrying! Don't worry I intend to seek the best medical care on my return for this worrying problem! Luckily I couldn't tell you the names of any of the flowers so I think its curable.


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