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West Virginia Autumn Colors


The view from Saddle Mountain. Notice the layering of the mountains. I...


All by ourselves...

The Zen Bus at Pegasus Farm Campground

Inside the Zen bus.

Some of the great artwork on the Zen tour bus.

Looking through the trees at the campground and area.

Looking at the campground... note some of the patches where they grow...

Will and Blayde on a railroad bridge (no longer in use).



The original stone...

His new headstone.

His wife didn't get a new stone to go with her old...

We enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous drive today! West Virginia displays autumn leaf colors comparable to any that we saw in New England. I took lots of pictures (but I’ll only post a couple here as you are probably tired of looking at my leaf pictures) as we meandered through today’s section of the Appalachian Mountains.

Tonight we are staying at a really nice campground, Pegasus Farm Campground, in Elkins, West Virginia. The owners, Mark and Bonnie, have done a lovely job with this farm-turned-campground and Mark made us feel so welcome and comfortable upon our arrival this afternoon.

Aside from being campground owners Mark and Bonnie also play in a band, Zen, and we enjoyed listening to one of their CD’s during our dinner tonight. Mark can really play that electric mandolin! I’ve included some pictures of their cool tour bus as well as some pictures of the actual campground. As you can see in the pictures, we are the only campers here right now… it’s just too cold for everyone else I guess! (Okay… it’s too cold for me, too, and we are headed south like two tortoises… slow and steady.)

After settling into our campsite, and letting Blayde run for awhile, we took a hike to explore our surroundings. We found an abandoned railroad track and Will walked out on the railroad bridge (I don’t like heights and the fact that I could see between the ties to the water below kept me off the bridge). Then we walked to an old cemetery that had headstones telling of people buried there that had fought in the Revolutionary War. Some of the headstones were so old that the writing is now illegible. I found it interesting that some of the old headstones had new headstones next to them with the same information on them only easier to read. I had to wonder what had transpired that certain people got new headstones to supplement their old ones while others didn’t.

We are planning on continuing our trek south in the morning as it is still too cold for us here. We are grateful that gas has remained under $3.00 per gallon for us, so far, as we relocate to warmer climes. Let’s hope that holds true for the rest of our journey. Do keep in touch…

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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