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Going under Cheasepeak Bay

Whew, no leaks

Info on oldest church

Still holding services

Headstone in church yard

One way to tour Williamsburg

Lady in costume

Men going to work

Cafe in Williamsburg

1st settlement

Info on glassblowing site

Site they found

Ferry loading with cars

New glassblowing oven

rolling out heated glass

Getting it ready

Working on rim

Getting the handle ready

One more heating

Sealing the bottom

The original footing for this church is shown inside

Excavation site - find old bricks and such - think may have...

Old well

$400 picture - see the green stuff

Well, we spent Sunday night at campground in Wiliamsburg. Went to RV dealer this morning, 10/20, and they wouldn't even check out refrig. So we left there and came on down to Virgina Beach - RV dealer here has ordered part and hopefully will be here Weds afternoon and can get it fixed Thursday am. We're going to drive back up to Williamsburg Tuesday and sightsee around there. Tuesday we drove back up to Williamsburg to see what was so special there. Williamsburg and Jamestown are very close together so we included it in the day. Yorktown was not as so close and time we decided not to go there. Williamsburg is an older area of town that has been declared as a historic site. You can walk the area, pay an entry fee that would allow you to enter the houses. We decided to just walk thru and see what it was like before deciding to purchase the ticket. We didn't purchase as we weren't really impressed that much, $37 ea. We also didn't see that many open houses and the info they gave us just didn't impress. Oh well, we'll headed on to Jamestown. They have a museum with lots of hands on stuff geared for students (kids) and then the historic portion you can walk thru. We didn't go thru museum but went on to the historic portion. It is the actual site of the first settlement. We saw an archological site they are excavating and the students working. Amazing that they know what they are seeing and perserving. I said I probably wouldn't have an idea of what I found nd think it was junk and just dump. Of course, these kids have been in school studing that field. They also had a glassblowing shop and two guys were there making bottles.

It's Weds now and we talked to the RV dealer and guess what, they got our part!!!! But the part was damaged and they are going to have to send it back. Not good news! We decided that if they will ship the part to Fresno, we'll deal with it at home. Dometic said they would and we have a number to give Paul Everet or Camping World when we get home. So, we went shopping for an ice chest and will just go that way for rest of trip. We'll leave here tomorrow for Raleigh, NC. But that may change to Selma, which is just down the road a bit. Got to see what there is in that area to do or make it just an overnight trip.

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