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Gun display in museum

Confederate soldier

Union soldier

One of the Gettysburg Cyclorama's scene

Another one

See the wheel

Is the cannon in the picture or real?

What part is real?

Very interesting

Pack union soldier carried - about 25 lbs

Officer's tent

Marker for one of the brigades

Supplied water for the union and confederate army

One the more elaborate markers

One of the canons

Listing of each brigade for Penn men

Eternal Flame

Special Marker

Unknown Grave Markers

Only with numbers

Headstones for those known

In a curve line



We arrived here Wednesday about noon. Had lunch and then went to the Museum and Visitor Center, thinking we'd be there about an hour. Four hours later we were leaving. Inside the visitor center you could get a ticket to see a movie regarding the battle and then to the Cyclorama theater that was something else. The museum portion had an area that went through the 3 days of battle, the artifacts they have there and the displays. You could just get lost going thru each one and seeing everything. But the most impressive thing was the Cyclorama. It is a picture that was painted in the 1890, restored in the 1930 and displayed a while then stored. The museun then acquired it and spent several years redoing, replacing parts that were messed up and it has just reopened for seeing again. It is in an area that it completely goes around, They have it set up so when the battles are going, lights show, smoke comes from cannons and guns. You hear voices and it is just awesome. They have an area between the painting and the area you're standing that has real objects, shrubs, cannons and the such. You really have to look very close to determine where that stops and the painting starts. Seems so real. It is something you wouldn't want to miss if ever in the area.

On Thursday we did the driving tour of the battlefield. Said to allow at least 3 hrs and we were out there for about 6 hours. Sort of an erie feeling to be out walking on the grounds where so many men lost their lives. To think that the area was so covered is amazing. There are markers all along the road area where different regements were fighting, how many were in the regement, how many died, wounded, missing or captured. Sometimes the markers would just be a few feet apart and then some would be quite aways apart. Some of them were on the plain side and some were very elaborate, especially the New York ones. There is a memorial for all those that fought from Penn. Has a listing of each regement, indicating those that were killed with a star. You could up to the upper level and look out on the battle fields. We also saw the memorial that FDR dedicated that has an eternal flame burning. It isn't possible to remember all that you see. We took so many pictures we probably won't remember half of what they are or represent.

We went to the National Cemetary and walked thru it. They don't allow any vehicles in the area. There are several areas that have upright headstones that are for World War I, II, Vietnam, Korea soldiers. They are white and stand about 2 feet high. They're scattered in several areas through out the park. The area that is for the Civil War soldiers are set up in a semi-circle area in long rows by state. There is a marker that is there stating the state and how many are there. Some of the states have a space that is marked as unknown. The headstone area is about foot wide and it depends on the number of men as to how long each curve would be and how many of them. Also, there are markers unknown that are a white square with only a number on it. There were several areas and each had a stone marker that stated how many unknown were buried in that area. There was even several headstones that were marked for the Spanish American War. It really gave you something to think about.

A trip that is well worth the time to do, especially if you are in to history - strange in school couldn't understand why had to study that "old" stuff and now it is something you want to know about when you're "old".

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