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Whoops - in New Jersey, lost again

New Jersey, how do we get turned around

Whew, turned around

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

Second Bank of US

Cobblestone road

Inside Independence Hall


On ceiling - not sure who painted it or when

Rug covering - wonder if similiar in White House

Betsy Ross House

Her bedroom

Going to get my minty

United States Mint

Beautiful day for Philadelphia - lots of sunshine,no clouds, nippy in shade but nice in sun. Can really tell it's Fall here. Good time to be here. Spent the day here, only got lost one time going in - no trouble coming out. Oh well, we saw a little of New Jersey again. Can put it on the map as we drove in there this time.

So much history here, we walked the tour, was a nice walk. Lots of folks out and about, lots of kids on field trip from school. The buildings have some of the time period furniture,some are replicas and said a few pieces were orginal. The Independence Hall building has been around for a long time. Said the bell tower rotted and fell off about 40 years after being build. Stayed off for 50 years and then was rebuilt and has been there for about 180 years now. Just hard to imagine that something would be there that long. It's hard to grasp all of it and remember everything you see, hear and do. Just have to do it and be here. We went by the US Mint building but was too late to go inside - closes at 3 pm. Won't allow any cameras or phones with cameras. Too bad we were too late, think it would have been interesting to see it. One of the things that a some of the buildings don't allow photos inside. Makes it bad that way for you but guess they want to keep it tight so that folks will visit. Found park service people very, very helpful and just full of info. They don't make you feel like they are rushed to get you on your way.

We're heading to Gettysburg and Hersheys tomorrow, spending a few days there before heading to Washington DC. Figure part of a day at Hersheys and the rest of the time at Gettysburg.

Oh yes, got my quilt today. Got it from one of the farms that sell from the home. I think it's pretty and can't wait to get it home to put it on the bed. Weird seeing a home with no electric lights but they have a cell phone for quilt business. Farm is definitely Amish so makes you think about changes they are making there. Still can't get over the buggy that has turn signals.

Later dudes!

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