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Amish Countrym Intercourse, Pa

Looks like work

Common site

Caution sign on back

Have turn signals

Waiting patiently

Whoa there

Chugging right along

Here we are at the world famous town of Intercourse, Pa. I do mean famous too, lots of tour buses and prices are not exactly cheap there. Too many tourist. Found a quilt but could have purchased it in Oregon for the same $$$ 1400 so going to look around. Found a couple of farms that sell from the homes so going to look there. It was really interesting to see the buggys around. They have a caution sign on the back and turn signals like a car. Now that was a site for sure. They don't like to have their pictures taken so have to be careful when taking them. So off to look a bit more.

Tomorrow we're going into Philadelphia to see all the history. Have a full day to do it.

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