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September 28 - October 01

It was a really rough arrival to San Pedro - it required a long trek by shuttle bus through many windy unpaved mountain roads and an overoccupied water taxi in the pouring rain. (It's always positive talk all the time, so time for some honesty. It's times like these that the journey gets tough and all you want is your comfy bed and HBO. I don't care what any hard core backpacker says, it's true!) San Pedro is a popular backpacking town as it´s still really cheap. Soaking wet from head to toe we quickly landed a super'clean hotel room w/ patio hammock overlooking the lake...all for a whopping $16 bucks! (I know...isn't is great!)

San Pedro is one of several villages perched in the highlands around Lago De Atitlan. The landscape is very dramatic (our one word) with lush green mountain ranges including 3 large volcanoes. The vegetation here is not rainforest, but rather grass, cornfields, and pine trees because of the high elevation and cooler weather. It´s occupied by traditional indigenous dressed in colorful, woven embroidery....and then there are the several ex-pats who have settled to run restaurants, bars + hostels. It has a minor hippie flair, but these peeps are definitely NOT the locals! They sit along the tiny roads and sell their hippie jewelry all day. (I often wonder how that works out for them. Hmmmm!?!?!?) It´s a fairly tiny village with two docks and everything in between pretty much makes up the center. The village climbs up the mountain so Tuk-Tuks cruise around as taxis, but again, it´s so don't really need them.

We were only here for 2 days and it went something like this...

Day 1 - completely active with 3 hours of kayaking around the lake, a walk around the town and a nice massage for Jenn to top off the day. The night included several hours in the solar heated outdoor thermal baths (which the village is known for) and a night of rum prancing around the village. It was Jewish New Year, and there are Isreali Jews at every blink in these countries (seriously!), so were lucky to find a more playful night than usual.

Day 2 - completely larthargic, period!

(It was here that Jenn lost all our great pictures from Antigua and San Pedro. So, as you can see there are no colorful highlights to entertain you...or us! In one word...devastation....)

It's another long trek to our next spot Samuc Champey....

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