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Entering Rhode Island

Beautiful Tree = much of the same

Entering Conn

Church steeple in Hartford

Think we want to trade trucks

1946 Mercury - with cummins engine

A rest place for people = enclosed with seating inside

Skyline of Manhatten

On the way to Statue of Liberty

Visitor trying to get entire picture

Statue - very impressive

On the island

Back view of statue

United Nation Building

Fountain in park area

Sculpture between two towers before bombing

Placque regarding sculpture

Nothing was done to it other than temp placing at this spot

Taxi seal they have to purchase - last one sold for 250,000...

Last fort to protect New York

Ship at city Fish Market

2nd ship

Skyline with pigeon visitor

Lunch at Times Square

Time Square

From top of Empire State Building

Condos for rent - from 10,000 to 16,000 per month

Ellis Island

Man made waterfall

Wooden water towers - all over city

Cranes working in town

One of the bridges

Entering Lincoln Tunnel which was not to have picture taken

Some of the traffic

Foot traffic

Braver than us

Ground Zero

We left Mass and went thru Rhode Island and Conn without much change in landscape. Trees haven't changed as much this way yet. Said it would be another couple of weeks. When we checked in to our campground, we found a truck we want to trade our dodge for. It's a 46 Mercury with cummins engine, the size we have. The guy really did a good job redoing it. It was pulling a 5th wheel about the same size we have. The bus picked us up about 7:45 Friday morning to go to NYC, which is made up of 5 Boroughs: Bronx, Manhaytan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. So pretty good for all to be considered NYC. We didn't get home until 8:15 pm as traffic all but shut down - Port Authority found a bottle in the Lincoln Bridge and they shut it down. Traffic bascally came to a halt down there. Our driver got us out in about 1 1/2 hr time while news said later that a lot of people that rode the transit just walked. It was 3 hours before it was moving again. Had a interesting time seeing how autos move, people move and then all the buses and trucks. Couldn't pay enough to drive down there. People were upset as the horns began to honk, and there is a large fine if they cite you for it. It is now against the law for the honking unless emergency. So missed that part of. The people there are crazy, they just walk out in the road and guess hope they don't get hit. Said if they didn't look at the driver, they had a better chance. LOL Oh yess, forgot about the bike riders - really an exciting ride. LOL Going out the Statue of Liberty was something else. Have to see it to really appreciate it. We were on the island about 40 min and then got back on the water taxi and went to Ellis Island. Bad thing there was that we didn't have time to get off. That was bad about Ground Zero too, only drove by and didn't stop. They are doing a lot of construction there for the memorial and it is suppose to be finished by 9/11/11. Would love to be here for that. We saw a sculpture that was between the two towers that they moved to a park until site is finished and then will move it back. The damage to it is in the pictures and they haven't done anything to it and won't. They want it to remain that way always. Now if we want to start a second job, we could become a taxi driver. They have to purchase a seal that is attached to the hood of each auto. Our guide said the last one that sold, sold for $250,000 for each auto. Mostly companies buy them and then hire the drivers. Also if we want to get an apartment downtown, they are available. A studio apartment starts out at $1695 a month, plus tax, asnd a 1 bedroom about 1899 a month plus tax. Now if you want a 2 bedroom/1 bath it starts about 8,000 a month, a 3 bed/2 bath about 12,000 a month and a 4 bed/3 bath about 14,000-16,000 a month. Thrn on top of that you have parking about $350 a month. Think we make enough to do this??? We found out so much good stuff. Time Square was a treat. The billboards are something to watch, so much color. And people everywhere and this isn't the holiday time. Can't imagine what that wiould be like. The tour was a way to go unless very brave to drive which they way not to smart. Problem, with going in on tour bus, can't stop when you want and spend the time you want. I think if we'd had someone with us, we'd tried the train the next day. Could go so far and then catch train and could spend the day or if we'd stayed longer, could have gone back in on next tour and they would have dropped off downtown and then picked up at end of day. Just not that brave to tackle by ourselves. Would have been the way to go though.

The police department has 38,000 uniformed officers, 5,000 civilians that work w/traffic control and such, 8,000 fire fighters and handling over 10 million 911 calls per year. Wouldn't you love to work there. So much going on there, when we were going down the road, we passed a side road that was full of fire trucks, police cars and ambulamces. Never heard what was going on but must have been something for sure. We have so many pictures, don't know if any one will want to see them all. We're at about 1000 right now. LOL

We're heading toward Philadelphia from here. Will catch you later.

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