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One way to see Boston

2nd way

1st worker

2nd worker doing a different row

Third way to see Bostin

Holocost Memorial

Oldest pub in America

Info on pub

Paul Revere's house

different view

Some of the homes in old Boston

Statue of Paul Revere

Old Church where warning was put in window


300 year old clock

Old graveyard near bunker hill

Most headstones were about same size and style

Bridge we drove over coming in to Boston

Statue in front of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Memorial

Inside of office area

We went in to Boston this morning. We drove and and found a parking garage, goimg to be $33 to park the truck - a little on the high side but parking seems to be a premium and don't want to try to find a different place as it is really wild down here. Streets go 2 ways for a while, then change to 1 way, drivers pulling out, going around, stopping in middle of street to unload at any time. People just walk out in crosswalk and they have the right of way no matter what when in crosswalk. Boy in Calif they would get run over for sure. We found the Freedom Trail that goes thru town, decided to do the walking tour, says a little over 2.5 mi so not bad. They have a trolly system and a duck system that will take you through. Think walk will be better. We notice two guys working this morning - not sure we'd want that job no matter what the pay would be.

As we were walking there was a holocast memorial that really made you stop and think. It has glass towers that you walked thru that had numbers on the glass for the Jews that were numbered. They must have been at least 30 feet tall and four sides with probably 8 or 10 rows of number on each panel. Inside they had quotes from surveviors and what they did or saw. Really made you stop and ponder for sure.

We passed the oldest pub in America on the walk. Then on to Paul Revere's house and to the Old Church where the ride began. It is still an active church but allow people to go inside and they give talk about it's history. Really pretty inside and they had a clock that was over 300 years old, still working and very rarely had to set it. Ones we have today isn't that good. The pews in the church were in boxes that were for each family. Said the families had to buy their box and the closer to the front, the cost was higher. The sides of the boxes was high enough that when sitting on the bench inside, I could barely see over. So if had little ones, they could play and do whatever and not be seen. And the adults could too.

As we went from there we passed Cobb Burying Hill. Headstones were all about the same size in the the same condition. If you can read the one, the language is really old and the spelling too. Most ages I saw were no older than 40, Harvey saw some that were 69, 62.

On the way to Bunker Hill, we passed by the bridge we drove on coming in Boston. Now by this time it is beginning to sprinkle a bit, a little concerned as we're a long way from truck and the monument so went on toward monument. By the time we got there it was a little more than a sprinkle. You could go up in the monument, 295 steps to the top. Recommended those with heart or breathing problems not to try it. We were wet, shoes wet and didn't think we wanted to try it. Sort of wished we had but thought best if we didn't. From here we were going to see the USS Constitution. By the time we got close it was pouring and getting very wet and making it cold. When we got close to the ship, a trolly was there and decided to pass it and catch it. If we'd be really smart, we would have done the trolly tour to start out with and would have got to visit all the places and not so wet. We did see the top of the ship from the road. Just too much rain and getting cold and we're old!

When it was raining, sort of weird. It looked like it was foggy - grey looking and almost a sheet of grey. Wipers could hardly keep up with it. Suppose to do it most of afternoon so decided to leave Boston before traffic gets started. That GPS is a wonderful thing, gets us here and there without too much trouble. We don't always understand the directions so we make a few wrong turns but the thing will turn us around and get us back on track. So doing pretty good! By time we get home, we may have it down pat.

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