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Ward House

Old church still in use

Sign for house

lot of the houses were dated such as this one was

Tax house for ships coming in

Replica of sailing ship

Imagine if sails were flying

House of Seven Gables

Can't see all the gables

Didn't know what gables were

View of the harbor from the garden

Decorating with witches

Witch Musuem


Which is the pirate

Where we had lunch

Beer tanks

Interesting note

We drove down to Salem today with our campers from Sac area. They had been there several years ago so they knew about where to go, or so they said. Streets in that town go in every direction and even though we got a walking tour map, it was very easy to get turned around and head in wrong direction. But we made it, did some of the walking tour, saw The House of Seven Gables and the Witches Museum. Both were very interesting, only bad thing they wouldn't allow any pictures inside the buildings so missed a whole lot of interesting things. You could buy books that had all the pictures so guess that was why they didn't want outside pictures. The town has so many of the time period houses that are well taken care of for the most part. We were told that the owners can do anything to the houses except the shell has to remain, no changing the outsides. It sure would take away from the town "village" appearance so that is a good law for the area. Sure makes you want to go in to see how the inside looks, same size rooms as originally or if they have made modernization to the interior. So many windows in the homes, small but lots of windows. Wonder if the glass is still single pane or double.

They also have a Maritime National Historic site that had a replica of the Friendship sailing ship. They take it out about once a year and sail around to get the interest up in that type of event. You can tell by the picture it would really be something to see with all the sails up and it out in the bag. We talked to a lady that lives here and she said it was really interesting watchting them build it, the changes for each day. You could really spend a lot more time in Salem that's for sure.

The House of Seven Gables was very interesting. The had furnishings dated back to 1700s. Very well protected wall coverings. Said people would try to tear pieces off to take home. So covered with plexiglass. Had railings around so couldn't get close, also asked not to touch the ceilings. They are extremely low, Mel wouldn't have been able to stand up straight. They did this to conserve heating bills. If room was very warm, it would have smothered us. Harvey might have had a couple inches above his head and that was it. The only room that had what we would consider a normal height was in the formal parlor. The owner had enough funds that they no longer worried about the cost.

We next went to the Witches Museum - had the history of the witch trials. There were 14 women and 5 men that were hanged - all inocent. Funny, first man wasd hanged on 6/20, next group was on 7/19, next 8/19 and the last group on 9/19. Couldn't find out why the 19th was such a popular date. One man was "pressed" to death. They wanted him to confess and he refused. So they put him on a slab and one on top, started putting blocks of granite on top of it. Each time they asked him and he refused, they'd add another block until it crushed his chest.

They said that there is an active group of witches in the area that were actively a practing group. Devil worship is not a part of the religion and that is what they consider it. Said the word "warlock" is considered a traitor and not good at all. Men and women are considered to be a witch. I always thing of witches as in movies and with green face, warts and long nose, so have a time thinking about active witches now. We could have spent more time doing the complete walking tour but the folks were were with needed to get back due to dogs in motorhome. Got a taste of what goes on in that area and the time of year to be there. Just so much to do and see that we'll never be able to do it all this trip that's for sure. Just have to remember that we have to pick the thing or things we want to see/do the most and let the rest go. Our camper friends have been around a lot of places and they keep telling us what we need to do and see and there is no way we can do it all. Makes it hard to try to decide what we'd want to do the most. Not fair. May have to find a job so can do it all again. Right!

All the haunted tours and the witch trials start after 10/2 and we're leaving here that morning. I think it would be interesting to see for sure. But heading on to Newburgh, New York. We got notified our refrig in trailer is on a recall, said could be a safety factor running on propane with a line breaking and could release fumes that could cause a fire. There is a place there that will repair it and there is a campground there that has tours from the campground to New York. We've had this thing 2 years and ran on propane a bunch - so not worried too much but want to get it fixed. So far, we've made it to about half the campgrounds we figured we'd do - don't know if good or bad.

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