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Tree changes

Stopped at rest stop to get colors

Some taken thru windshield

Looks like a nice place to live

Not sure if was in Vermont or NH

We left Vermont to head to Maine. The trees have changed in color just in the three days we were there. Couldn't really tell when we left Vermont and entered New Hampshire other than the weather is rainy and not looking too good. Heard Hurricane Kyle was coming thru Maine coast and suppose to be flood warning in lower New Hampshire. Found out my aunt is in Portsmouth New Hampshire in an Assisted Living place so have to go there to see her. She is one of the two left of my mother's sisters and I haven't seen or talked with her in over 18 years. We had a nice visit for a couple of hours so it was worth it. It rained, at times very hard, then would not be at all so we decided to to drive into Maine and have that wonderful Maine lobster, or so told it is wonderful. It tasted pretty good but when they brought the whole lobster out, it had it's eyes and pinchers and antanea (s) which did not appeal to me. Then when you open the thing up, the liver, which is green after boiled, is in there and that did a flip to my tummy. They say that this is a delicacy to some folks, but not my cup of tea. Think I prefer just the tail and have it broiled. But had to try it any way. Just should have had camera with us so could have taken a picture of the whole thing. Oh, too late by time thought of it. After dinner we came back to Portsmouth to spend the night at WalMart. Was raining hard and traffic was getting heavy so thought it was best. Will go on into Massachuttes in the morning. Suppose to go to Salisbury, which is about 30=40 miles. Hope it stops raining and lets go of some of the humidity. It is very warm with the water coming on down. Well, off to bed and then off to Mass tomorrow. Going to meet up with the folks we met in Niagara Falls that from around Sacramento, going to show us some good places is Mass.

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