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Wow ! Are we lucky or what? Both of our problems have been solved! The campground we are staying at in Mesa has storage available for the months of October through December at a very reasonable price. It is a gated community so we feel very comfortable with the situation.

When we were at Glacier National Park we met a couple, jammer driver Jim and wife Diane, who winter in Arizona. They were kind enough to share the name of their park with us. Today we visited Canyon Vistas in Gold Canyon and decided to stay there from January through March. It was a bit more money than we thought we would have to spend but nothing is cheap here in the winter. We checked out the local supermarket , there is a Chase Bank ( our bank), and for those that know me well you will understand my delight at having a Chinese Bistro nearby! Within ten miles there really are all the stores you need. The park is in a very quiet area. Besides the swimming pool, softball field, tennis court, 6 hole chip and putt, and library, there is a wood carver and many other groups. Going in knowing someone will be a plus as well. We think we will have a very happy winter.

So now we have two days to goof off, then pack on Wednesday, and scrub the coach down on Thursday. Friday she goes into storage and we go into a timeshare week in Scottsdale. What a relief to have everything settled. We are so blessed.

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