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Ben & Jerry's


2nd bus

First bus burned down

Lots of flavors

Stained glass

Old scoops


Faded away

Man, think I would have liked that flavor

Cider Mill

Steam cider press

Thru car window

trees changing

doesn't do justice

On way back to campground

We went looking around today. We started out at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory. They weren't making ice cream today but took us thru their factory. Gave a sample at end of tour of Chocolate Therapy that is only available at their scoop shops. Boy oh Boy. It was chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding and triple chocolate cookie chips. The sample was about the size of Baskin Robbins child scoop. Rich is not the word for it - it was delicious. When we left there we went on up the road to Cold Hollow Cider Mill. They were making fresh apple cider and that was something else. They had a hose that shot out crushed apples (which didn't look exactly yummy) onto a tray that they had put cloth (like cheesecloth), they then covered the apples with the cloth, put a metal frame around it, another tray on top and repeated the process. You could see the apple juice running out of the apples and had a sign above window that said the pressure was about 100 ton squeezing out the juice. Had a sample barrel you could taste - was pretty good. They also had apple cider doughnuts, of course, had to try one. Was pretty good too. So we basically had a tasting day. On the way back took some pictures of the trees that are changing around here. Pictures don't even come close to showing how pretty they are. We won't be here when they are in full color, but it will be beautiful for sure. I'm sure we'll see more as we go on.

We've heard the hurricane is heading toward Maine and Nova Scotia so not sure what we will do tomorrow. Suppose to hit the area tonight so may be tropical storm tomorrow, not sure I want to be in that either. Plans may get changed! LOL

Didn't make it to the covered bridges but was talking to a gal at the laundry today and she said there is quite a few in Penn so will catch some that way I'm sure. I'd love to get some pictures of them with the trees changing colors. It makes you realize that the pictures you see in magazines and books have not been touched up. Always thought they probably were but can see it doesn't have to be.

We'll let you know where we go from here when we figure it out. Later guys

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