Ry & J's South Pacific Tour '05 travel blog

Cronulla Beach

Ry - body boarding in Cronulla

Ry riding one in

We spent one day in Byron Bay and really enjoyed the town. The beach there was amazing and the waves were very gentle. The water was incredibly clear and clean. We camped there as well and several times throughout the night recieved mocking comments about our "nice tent." The funny thing is, we don't have one. We were the only ones without a tent in the whole campground, but the weather was perfect with just a bit of dew and the cheapest rooms in town were not cheap. We met a girl from Pennsylvania named Ann Marie earlier on the bus we have been taking and met back up with her on the way to Nimbin and then Byron Bay. We will be traveling together in New Zealand more than likely and decided to catch an express bus from Byron to Sydney where we are now. She has a cousin living in a southern area of Sydney called Cronulla where we are staying now. Went out today to go body boarding to find that the beach was closed, but after asking the lifeguards they said simply that they cannot keep us from going into the water. There were enough others that we figured it would be ok. Definitely the biggest and roughest break we have been in yet, but very fun. We both got beat up and rolled a couple of times by some of the bigger waves, but it makes the rides in all the better. You definitely know you've done something by the time you spend a couple of hours fighting the waves.

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