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Hello everyone,

Currently we are in Koh samui at the moment soaking up some sunshine after some pretty heavy traveling around the Laos and Cambodia.

Having left Laos we caught a flight to PP (Phnom Pehn) in Cambodia with Vietnam Airlines. Apart from the fact the plane ran on rubber bands and gerbils in wheels, it was possibly one of the best flights in that it was stress free and we actually left Laos 20 minutes early!! How often does that happen???

First stop was PP where we went to see the S-21 prison Genocide museum. When we arrived there we watched a film about the prison in which we learnt that over a four year period 20,000 people were placed there and then systematically murdered by the Khmer Rouge. Of the 20,000 that went to the prison 7 survived. After a 30 minute walk around we left thoroughly depressed. The Khmer Rouge killed 2 million people over a four year 'conflict', and all this happened not that long ago.

Anyway, the killing fields were out of the question as that would have sent us over the edge!

We spent a couple of days around PP in which we had some nice meals out and some nice wine! On one evening when we were having a meal we both had to seperate two ten yearold street kids who were having a fight which involved trying to hit each other with bricks.

After our lively days in PP we went onto the city of Siem Reap which is close to the Angkor Wat temple area. We bought 3 day passes to the temple area which is a huge area made up of lots of ruins. All the temples we went to see were awesome and hopefully our photos will do it justice. Due to the area being hugely touristy the hastle from sellers was pretty full on and so were the tour groups who would lay seige to various temples and then disappear in an instant.

After quite an eventful week in Cambodia we set out on a mamouth journey to get us down to Samui. This is how it went:

4 hour taxi to get to the Thai border

4 hour minibus to Bangkok from the border

1 hour taxi across Bangkok to the train station

12 hour train journey from Bangkok to Surat Thani (south Thailand)

1 hour bus journey to the port

2 hour boat journey from the port to Samui.

24 hours of nonstop travelling. No tempers lost, no toys thrown from prams!!

Anyway having a nice relax on the beach at the moment. The weather is still good down here even though its supposed to be the wetish season.

Hope all well at home

Will update soon

Sarah and Chris

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