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Inside courtyard

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Found in the lake - xray shows ball in one of them...

Muskut firing

Canon firing

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Harvey was a bad guy

Where bodies were found


Picture of excavatinh

#2 picture

Fort Ticondroga



Since it was an eight plus hour drive to Vermont, we decided to stay in Lake George, NY. We found at the campground there is a lot of history in the area with the French and British wars. We decided to spend 2 nights instead of just traveling through. We went to Ft Henry William Museum. The fort had been restored according to the blueprints of the original fort. They also had found a lot of artifacts in the lake and when they started excavating the fort area. They found graves with skeleton remains and were able to preserve them. They were officially reburied in 1993 with honors. We were a little late to see them - they were on display for quite a while. We had a guide that took us around and shot off a muskut and canon. Also had a Greneder throw a gernade that exploded - all were really loud. Our guide had a sense of humor which kept it interesting. The move The Last of Mohigans was based on this fort and events that happened there. They got a copy of the blueprints and had the fort rebuilt in N Carolina, where the movie was filmed. He said they destroyed the fort since it had been originally. There is a site that notes the filming there but nothing else. One of the tibits he gave us was that the greneder was paid more $$, had better food and larger portions but was not told their life span was rather on the short side. If they didn't have the timing down, it could blow up in their hands, which really messed up their day. Also, the French learned that if they picked the ball up quickly, they could throw it back at the man before it exploded - so it was not really worth the extra stuff. The men that shot the canon, usually was totally deaf within two months which wasn't really that important as their life span doing that was usually a month. So either way it wasn't so good. He said the Greneder position was eliminated fairly early and now they are the guards at the Queen's castle. Much safer.

We drove up to Ft Ticondoroga (sp). We didn't go inside this one. It sits on Lake Champlain. A lot of history for sure. Very pretty park going up to the Fort. That whole area is so green. Trees were beginning to turn but not a whole lot. Expecting it to get better as we go along.

We're leaving on the 26th for Vermont - maple syryp!

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