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It's hard to believe that another week has passed us by. This week we learned about a 17 million dollar, four year, phenomenal family violence campaign they are doing in New Zealand. From what we have gathered the professionals in the field of FV, the government, and the community at large have embraced the campaign message. It will be exciting to share what we have learned with everyone when we return. Sharon, Rhea, and Katie got to do a ride along with the New Zealand Police. Katie got to go to a Domestic Violence call and Rhea and Sharon responded to a P-lab (meth lab) call (no worries the police made sure they were a safe distance away form the P-lab). While they were doing the ride along Ginger and Liz went on a non-touristy shopping trip. All in all everyone had a great time.

This week we also had an opportunity to meet with the Porirua Fauna(family) center and visit a refugee (women’s shelter). We all loved having the opportunity to see first hand the work that is being done. Our hosts in Hutt city have been wonderful. Yesterday they took us on back road trip with some amazing views. The truck we were in was an old military vehicle that was converted for off road touring. We have posted some of those pictures for everyone to enjoy.

They are feeding us a lot. Every two to three hours we are having tea or coffee, sandwiches, biscuits (cookies), muffins, bit size snakes, and our main meals. We will have to make sure the team coming from New Zealand is also well feed.

This weekend we are off to our retreat in Martinborough. This city is located in a mountain valley about a 1 ½ drive outside of Wellington. They have a large number of vineyards at this location. Here is a link that tells you a little bit more about the city

and here is a link to that shows the hotel we will be staying at:

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