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Interesting Landscaping near bridge

Besides the rocks that popped up out of nowhere ,it was a rather dull drive from Needles to Lake Havasu City. There was a sign warning of wild jackasses crossing the road but we did not see any. (Yesterday we did see a coyote).

After settling into our spot at the totally brown parking lot of a campground (only reasonably priced one in the area) we drove to see London Bridge. Very nice bridge in a lovely setting.

Lake Havasu is a pretty lake and I guess if you live in southern Arizona where there is not much green grass and few large trees ( sure miss the shade at 106 degrees!) it is nice to have a beach and be able to boat. However, this part of Arizona is not our cup of tea. We were hoping to find a spot to spend the winter but just can't do it here. Disappointing.

We have altered our plans and will move on to Quartzsite, then to Mesa. There we will look for a place to stay the winter . We will store the coach from October 3 through January 3 and travel by car to Chicago, Detroit, and then Boston for a wedding on October 25th. From there we will visit family in R.I. and N.J. and then back to Detroit for the holiday season. We will return to Arizona in early January. The plan is to start up the west coast next spring and visit wineries, National Parks, and other places of interest all through California, Oregon, and Washington. There are some great trout streams in Oregon and Washington so they will also be on the agenda.

Right now it is off to the next place as we work our way east.

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