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Best shot of the Dam I could get

From Rim of Dam looking at the Colorado River

From Rim Looking at Lake Mead

Lake Mead

Statue Honoring the Builders

We have seen so many documentaries about the construction of Hoover ( Boulder) Dam so it was special to see it "in person". Quite the structure- quite the undertaking! Over a million people a year visit the dam. After a short movie, in the fairly new Visitor's Center, we went on a tour to the power plant. There is so much information about this "modern civil engineering wonder" that it is hard to remember it all. I have a booklet with the physical data and history for future reference. Suffice to say, that with all of it's challenges, the dam came in under budget and was finished two years early!

Looking down into Black Canyon from the rim of the dam and seeing the "tamed Colorado " is very impressive. Just as impressive is to see the Lake Mead recreation area.

We made sure to get there in the early morning hours because it gets very hot here in the afternoon. As we head south tomorrow we will be looking at 100-110 degree temperatures. There is a reason to our madness for coming to this part of the southwest at this time of year. I will explain in a few days. Right now, we drink a lot of water, use a lot of sunblock, stay inside during the height of the afternoon, and THANK GOD for air conditioning!

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