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Grounded barge in river since 1927

Said is breaking up very slowly, can see from the air

Old power plant, definitely not the design of newer plants

Behind the falls - can only see water


Another opening

At the bottom of the falls

Campground folks from north of Sacramento

Flower clock with over 15,000 plants, change every season

Better group"?

little buzzer

Fish pond around flower clock

We're going up there

Night view of the Skytower

At the top

Horseshoe Falls in Canada

American Falls US

Not sure what this was/is

Night time lights

Trying to get camera set

Red lights

Green lights - they changed color of lights

Looks like wad of gum

Trying to get camera set

Today we did the Canadian side. It was a different view and the area was much different. It has a lot of gardens and flowers and more formal. They have a lot more "gift" shops and shopping in general. Our tour on this side wasn't as impressive as yesterday. A lot more driving and less time out to see sights or take pictures. So a little disappointed in that. Did get some good spots but not enough time to do all you'd want to do. We got to go behind the falls and it was interesting. One outlook point you could get soaked again and wasn't up to that so just made an appearance at that area. The tunnel then went off and you could go to areas that looked out behind the falls. You couldn't see any thing but the water/mist coming down, The roar of the water was loud and it vibrated. Neat any way. One funny thing was we had to go down om an elevator and when the operater opend the door and walked out, there was a bat that flew down toward her face. She went out almost screeming and slapping at the air. Couldn't help laugh but I'd probably been screeming if it would have been me. When we got out of elevator, the bat had landed on one of the pipes and was hanging there. Wasn't there when we came back to go back up it wasn't there so do't know what happened to it.

We went back tonight to see the lights on the falls. They have a set of lights across the river that is directed towards the falls. They turn them on at 8:30 pm and they change colors. Gives them a different look for each color. The guide said there was one person in change of it all. Was very pretty, pictures doesn't do it justice for sure. Something to see any way. It has been a good two days, weather couldn't have been better, lots of sunshine. Suppose to be warmer tomorrow, up to about 76. And they think that's really warm here. At home it would be on the cool side.

We're suppose to leave tomorrow for Vermont and will update when we have internet again. It will take us about 1 1/2 days to get there, so tomorrow night will probably be at Walmart. LOL Catch you later.

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