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Weigh House in Gouda

Stained Glass in St. John's Church

Quaint Straat in Gouda

Wijdstraat in Gouda, a so-called wide street that's actually small

And they're off! Another Dutch city full of bike riders

We went to Gouda (which I NOW know is pronounced Gow-da, like Cow-da, not Goo-da) today. Yes, it is the city famous for cheese. It was an easy train ride from Delft.

We just went to Rotterdam, had an overstopt (transfer), then took the train to Gouda.

It's very lovely, quiet, quaint, and scenic. My favorite was a visit to the longest church in The Netherlands, which is St. John's Church. It's a church dedicated to John the Baptish, the patron saint of Gouda. The church dates back to 1280, but was destroyed by fire in 1552. Long story short, it's known for its stained glass windows called the "Gouda Windows." They depict scenes from biblical and national history. The floor of the church, that we walked on, were the toubstones from when people were buried in the church. Of course, these were the well-to-do citizens. By the way, American "classism" has nothing on European classism...of course, they invented it. As in America, it's still very important to them today...whether or not they'd admit it.

We mostly walked around the city streets and the City Center and people watched. We had lunch at McDonalds, of all places. It was very good though.

We returned to Delft for a nap and some R & R and went to Delft's City Center to have dinner at an Argentinian restaurant called "La Bamba"(different from the one last year). It was great. A very pleasant day---yes, I was still ill the entire day, but it was great to be out and about, like we were.

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