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Sunday 21

We wake up still laughing about last night and decide to catch a bus to the city Swansea that is by the beach. We head over to the bus stop and one of the guys that works at the hotel stops and offers us a ride. So we hop in and he drives us the 20 minutes to Neath. He obviously was not a genius. So we take the train from Neath to Swansea. When we get there we are trying to head to Mumbles or Gower which are both " Sites of Extreme Beauty" I guess they are nice to look at. But we think it will take to long so we just walk over to the beach. It was a beautiful day and we just lay there looking at the ocean. So relaxing!! After that we decide we should get on back seeing that it is about three and it will take us 8 or 9 hours to get back. We hop on the train and head back. We ask the girls if they can pick us up since they have the car. Man it would of been to good to be true. So in London since we are not hurrying for anyone we stop and eat at this Chinese restaruant across from the station. So good!! We get back on the train and head on. They are doing work on the Cambridge station so at the stop before we have to get on a bus and ride to Cambridge. We we have to take a taxi from. He gets lost. Advice: if he does not have a GPS then he will get lost out here. It ends up costing us 70 pounds. Well thank you girls for not picking us up. I don't need the money. This cab does not have a military i.d. so he is not allowed on base so we have to be dropped off at the gate. So we walk the mile to our dorm and finally get to bed. All in all it was an expensive trip but totally worth it. If you ever come to the UK you have to go to Wales. Everyone is so nice and the landscape is amazing. O p.s. on the train on the way back there are these two men who have their shirst almost unbuttoned and look like they have been drunk for weeks. They wake up and almost miss their stop so they try and run off the train. One makes it off without a scratch. The other one runs into the seet across the way and stumbles and sprains his ankle. He has to limp off. Totally made my day!!!

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