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On saturday 20

We wake up and find out that we are going canyoning with a bachelor party of 10 and then 5 other guys. So we head out to the site and try and fit on these wetsuits and helmets. it was the funnies thing!! The wetsuits have holes in them and it starts to make me nervous. So we hike a ways down to the water where we practice jumping in. The water is freezing cold. Now we have to practice jumping in with a partner. We swim down a ways and then our first obstable is to walk along a waterfall edge. There is a little ledge for your feet and your hands. We are instructed to walk down till we are push off by the water and then swim. I make it till it pushes me off and then it pushes you into some rocks while it is still coming down on you and you have to swim to the next waterfall. This one is about 5 feet off the water and we slide down it and then come up the side and jump off it. This whole day was a mixture of sliding down waterfalls and rocks. Jumping off ledges by waterfalls. The smallest jump was over 28 feet. I was able to do them all!! We would hike for a while to warm up and then swim in the water. So much fun even though the water was about 30 degrees. After about 4 hours we finished and headed back to the inn. The drive was amazing. Wales is probably my favorite part so far. We get back and nap and shower and have dinner. We are up in our room talking when we can hear people singing and hollaring downstairs so naturally we join in. We find out that there were some rugby matches today and these are all the players. We start chatting to them and being the quick ones they are they discover we are Americans. This is a really small town and none of them had ever met Americans. Soon we are celebrities. They are asking a million questions to hear us talk. We go to the next pub to them where they announce when we go in that we are Americans and soon everyone is staring and asking questions. It was so funny. A great night!! My favorite by far.

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