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Friday September 19

Cates and myself decided to go to Wales to go canyoning and so we headed to the train station in Cambridge with a ride from Steve. We ended getting there a little later than we planned because we had to wait on the other girls. So when we had arrived we missed our first train that we had planned on so we waited. We took the train to King's Cross (largest train station in London and the one in Harry Potter) there we have to get out and take the underground to Paddington (like the bear) and from there we were off to Neath. We don't arrive here till about 8 o'clock at night. On this train we have to hurry and move to the cars back because a woman's water had just broke. So as Cate's and others are walking back a worker come and tells me we can move to first class. I was so excited that I tried calling out to Cates not realizing that everyone in the train was staring at me!! My bad. So I chase her down and we try to head to first class but I guess everyone else got the message and it was full. So we head back to the first train car and we can sit down now. So we are just sitting and reading when someone comes to check our tickets. I had totally forgot that I didn't have pockets and in the station I had tucked my ticket into my bra strap. Once again my bad. I go to find my ticket and pull in out and the worker guy is laughing so hard that everyone turns again and stares. So he tells them what happened and now everyone is laughing at me and creepily looking at me. Mortified I keep reading. So we get into Wales and on hops two slightly drunk buys and one who is so drunk can only get out every other word. So of course instantly when they find out we are American they start telling us everthing that the Welsh have invented. it was hilarious what they were coming up with. They were most proud of McDonalds. The really drunk one kept trying to touch my hair and his friend kept slapping his arm telling him that he was going to get arrested. So so funny. We finally get to Neath where we were suppose to meet up with Cate's friend Kristen. Its about midnight and the town looks like the strip would. Ridiculously drunk people running around everywhere. We walk into the town and at the first pub they ask if we are looking for our friend and send us on a goose chase. We eventually find that she has headed on since it was getting so late. So we call a cab and go to the ATM. This really drunk guy is trying to get money and starts talking to us. He is mocking us asking if we are backpacking so we can find ourself and keeps going on. So he ends up stubbling off and we look down and he forgot his money. We didn't see where he went and our cab arrived so thank you drunk Welsh! So we head on to our little Welsh town.

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