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At the Falls

At the Falls

Can you see the rainbow

Our boat

Power of the Water

Trying to get poncho on

At last

Looks like it's wet

Going by the rocks

That's where we ended up



Another view

Old power plant

Gondola over Canadian side

Going to Hurricane Ledge

Before fell and skinned knee on Hurricane Ledge

Picture of snow here

Rainbow Bridge

Maid of the Mist in Rainbow

Seneca Indian Casino - lots of perks if you gamble there

What a beautiful day - sun is shinning and suppose to be 70 today - good fall day temp. Left for the tour about 11:30 and got back to trailer about 5:30ish. Was a full afternoon but soo much fun. Wish all of you could have been with us - it would have really be a blast. In the campground we have about 5 units that from Calif. The people across from us is from Sac and they were on the tour with us. Had one young couple celebrating their third anniversary but the rest of us was a little on the "older" side. So the group was really a good group and everyone was very pleasant and excited as we were. On the Maid of the Mist tour, there was no where on the bost that you could keep dry, You got a rain poncho that didn't help too much. Well, kept the middle part of you dry. I didn't realize just how much wind the water could create - really was blowing and the mist was like having a hose right on top of you. After we left that we went to the Giant Whirlpool and gave us time to dry out. The Niagara River had made a cove in the rock which caused the water to make a circle causing a whirlpool. The water going over the falls is only about 50% of the water that comes down the river. Canada and New York pulls about 25% of the water off to go thru their power plants and then put it back in the river about 8 miles past the falls. So it makes it a little less erosion on the falls. In my mind the whirlpool would have really been spinning, like I'd expected - sort of like the movies. LOL The guide said it was because of not having full water force. You could see several whirlpools in the area, not just one big one. Now that we were dry we went back to the falls to the Cave of the Winds, which is not a cave at all, it's the bottom of the falls. They have 2 on the US side, one is Bridal Vail Fall, the smaller one and then the larger one. More at the bottom of the small one and the landing is called Hurricane Landing which is a very appropriate name. Wind was wild and the water was a bunch. They gave us another rain poncho which did even less that the first one. They also gave you sandals to wear - which they require you to wear. If you don't, suppose to notify them. The reason is if you fall with their sandals you can sue them and if wearing your own, they aren't at fault. Dad stumbled at the top of the stairs and hit his knee and skinned it but he said he didn't want to sue. LOL Even with the poncho, which went down below knees, my pants were wet up above the knees and Dad's shorts were wet about half way up his leg. So much water couldn't get any pictures while down close to falls. Definitely something to do any way. They had two sets of stairs, one went down more to the bottom and then up to the upper ledge, where we went, was lots of stairs, so we took the shorter one. Then had to dry out again. Glad it was at the end of tour as it was getting cooler and wet pants made it really cool. The falls had rainbows over them and so pretty. The guide said it wasn't always there but we were just one of the lucky ones. She also said that during the busy time sometimes the wait to get on the boat could be up to 3 hrs and then to do the Wind of the Caves has been as long as 5 hrs. That would be a bit too long. This area could have a whole day spent there - places to sit and just watch the water. Really something else to see. We were told that they have lights on the falls after 8:30 am to midnight each night. Our park owner said if we go after 8:15 in the evening the guard leaves and you can go to the park and stay as long as you want and not have to pay for parking. Too tired tonight to go back out, will see what happens after tomorrow's trip. We may stay over Weds night and go that night. Either tomorrow night or Weds for sure. We saw pictures today and it is beautiful so it's a have to do thing. Tomorrow we go on the Canadian side, which they say is very pretty. More trees and flower garden. They also have a SkyTower that we've been told gives an excellent view of the Canadian Fall, Horseshoe Falls. So we'll update tomorrow night.

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