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I awoke this morning feeling slightly worse…but not as bad as it could be. The thought of sniffling, coughing, and hacking on the road to Brussels and on the plane back home really bites the big one. I’m just praying and hoping that this cold/flu won’t progress.

But, again, my crappy ailments did not prevent us from getting out today. We went to the Royal Delft Museum where Simon once worked. So, of course, I got my own personal tour (whether I asked for it or not…just joking, Simon = )). Wow, it was really pleasant. We watched the painters and then went to the back room where it all happens. We looked at all of the Blue Delft Pottery, some dating back to the 1600s. We looked at the show room for the “real stuff.” I think the least expensive thing there was around 50 or 60 Euro. The larger pieces quite expensive. It was wonderful imagining having a home splendid enough to show such pieces…of course, if I had a mansion, buying those large pieces wouldn't be a big deal.

We left the museum and took a bus to the city center. We shopped at HEMA—I can’t think of a comparable store in the states—maybe TJ Maxx. We then went to a kind of “Walgreens” where I got some toiletries. I know I stress the amount of people constantly. To fellow Arkansans, I can only explain it as Riverfest, triple the size. Yet, there is no event…no Riverfest…just people out and about on a Saturday afternoon. I would like to say the majority are tourists…but I don’t think they are. So many families biking together. It’s so cute. It just seems to be a continued part of culture since the old times when people just met up and “hung out” at the city square.

We stopped at a little Turkish snack bar called the Döner King. I had a döner kebab sandwich and Simon had Frit. We left there and caught the bus back home.

It was a very pleasant day, despite feeling poorly. We met four of Simon’s friends along the way and stopped to talk. Including the gentleman from the church last year. In passing, Dutch people CAN appear to be very cold and distant, but below the surface, they are very friendly and hospitable. Upon each meeting, there was an invitation to attend some approaching event they knew of.

So, now it’s Saturday evening. I am happy to be inside. I’ve got to get it together to attend this International Day of Peace event in The Hague tomorrow.

Tot Ziens!

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