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Realizing that a one-night stay in Amsterdam just doesn’t cut it when it comes to sight-seeing, we also knew to stay another day just wasn’t in our plans. So we had to narrow down what we wanted to do and then we would head back to Delft before the rush hour traffic. So, we had a pretty nice (and expensive) English Breakfast at the hotel and then set off for The Van Gogh Museum.

The Van Gogh Museum. What a wonderful experience. The museum is beautiful and well-organized. I was in awe of seeing those very same paintings from countless books and college-course slide shows right before my eyes. Sunflowers, the Bedroom, Self-Portraits, the Old Woman, etc., etc. Of course, thousands of other people have the same idea. So, many people. Very difficult to stand leisurely before these pictures.

From there we strolled the Museumplein some more and then headed to Centraal Station.

I guess our visit to Amsterdam last year was after having visited Paris. Any city seems kind of slow and laid back after having visited Paris. But going directly to Amsterdam this time seemed to make a difference. Again, notably, a very cosmopolitan city. So many people, bikes, cars, traffic, people, people, people.

Funny, I can go several days in Delft without hearing another native English tongue. In Amsterdam, I seemed to hear more English (American) than I did Dutch…well, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s definitely a city to consider to live for an American too lazy to learn the language.

Tot Ziens!

PS: No pictures yet. Simon’s digital wasn’t re-charged and I have to yet to have my roll of film developed. So, they are coming soon.

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