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Our train to take us to town

Have to remember what it looks like to catch it back to...

Roosevelt Bridge, 100 years old

It held us as we crossed to Museum

Skyline of Chicago

We found it with no problems

On the steps

On the main floor

#2 on main floor

All kinds of animals on display

Antler spread over 6 feet - record

Maneless lions from "Out of The Darkness - man eaters

Watching and waiting

They do look real

Pyramid with writing, parts were authentic walls

Indian bead work

Different tribe clothing

Lake Michigan Harbor view from museum

Same harbor from top of Sears Tower

Soldier's Field

Sears Tower

One way to tour other than feet

Another way to tour

103 floors up = what a view

Lunch time

11th commandment according to them

Oh soooooo good.

Swimming "pool" (hole) at our campsite. Want to swim?

9/16 - Tuesday morning is bright and clear and time to start out fresh. Had our trip in the TomTom and was on our way. Decided to check to see if GPS could give us campground that might be closer than what I had found. A big WHOOPS! Not the brightest idea we've ever had that's for sure. We ended up on a street in Chicago that we were to make a sharp right turn which was not possible. So decided to go to the next street and make a turn there. Problem was that we were to go down an underpass which was too low for the trailer. I had to get out and back him out, thankgoodness there was no cars behind us. We pulled into a parking lot and went in and looked at the phone book and no campground in the area. We got out of there and looked in GPS again and found another campground out of the area 18 miles. We went back down the way we came in and found the address of the campground. Problem is it had been torn down and was not longer there. Lesson we learned is to call before heading there. Went to the camp book and found another campground in Crete, Ill and called. So that's where we stayed. 38 miles out of Chicago. NOW, we left Shererville, which was about 50 miles out of Chicago about 9 am and it is now 1 pm. Guess it took us a little longer than planned. When we checked into the campground, they told us there was a train station about 10 miles from them that we could catch and go in to Chicago and not drive. Thank goodness. Traffic is a mess there for sure.

9/17 - Wednesday morning we go to train station to go to the Field Museum in Chicago. The conductor told us where to get off and then when it got closer, he came and got us, took us outside and showed us exactly where to go. Think he knew something about us??? Because of our age, we rode free - wow - guess it pays to be "old". The bridge we had to cross over was over 100 years old. We went to go in to the museum and the gal was having a problem printing out stuff and said she was going to make our day. Stamped our hands and sent us in - another freebee. We spent the entire day there, 9 am to about 4:30 pm. Just a little tired when we got back. It has 15 million artifacts and covers about 9 acres, not spread out 9 acres as it is a two story building and also had a lower floor. Had lots of animals, stuffed, Indian history, planet evolution, dinos, Asian, African history, just really something to see,

9/18 - Thursday morning we're heading back in to tour the Sears' Tower. At one time it was considered to be the tallest building in the world but that has changed over the years. Still, it is way up there. We went from the 1st floor to 103rd floor in 60 seconds. Couldn't feel it too much going up, just a little shake/vibration. Some said they were feeling it, we were standing in the middle and didn't seem to notice it much. The view up there is fantastic. The cars and people looked like ants. You could out on Lake Michigan for miles and miles. The boats we saw from the the museum yesterday looked so tiny from there. It was a little hazy up there so wasn't as clear. Said you could see 50 miles on clear days and I'd think we were at least 30 miles out. Now going back down was a little different. We were standing by the wall, and my tummy did a few flips going down. We went across the street and had a Chicago stuffed pizza for lunch. It was good. They do the crust, the meat, cheese and then the tomato topping. It was a sauce or paste, had chunks of tomatoes in it. Sure was goooooood. Had a great time both days but we were really tired. So much walking, doesn't see to be so much at the time, guess looking at too much stuff to notice until you sit down. Last picture is the swimming "pool" (hole) at our campsite. Not sure if I'd want to swim there at any time. Not sure what might be in there with me.

Now just a tidbit of info on our last day into Chicago. We got on the train and two girls (loose discription I think) got on wearing Cub shirts. Another couple also got on with a boy about 7 who was so excited just couldn't hardly contain himself. Harvey started talking with the girls about if they knew how to get to Toledo a different way if roads were still blocked. They got on the train with two drinks in hand covered with insulated blanket. I just figured it was a soda early in the morning. As they were talking, they got out another can each and it was a Coors can. The ones they took out of their holders were the same stuff. I thought it was early but guess all to their own. The one girl put her can in the bag they were carrying and the other put her's down in the seat beside her. I was looking out the window and I heard a can hit the chair and looked over. The one gal had taken out a can of tobacco and was putting a bit in between her lip and front teeth. Now, those girls looked neat and clean up to that point. LOL In a very short time the one with the wad began to look droppy eyed and just sort of sagged. They then popped the third can and I'm wondering if they will know when to get off the train. Before we got to our stop, they had started their 4th can. Now the one without the wad didn't seemed bothered at all but the one with the wad, looked really "pooped". I told Harvey I sure hope she was able to enjoy the game or maybe she'd never know if she was at the game. Sure made the tummy do a flip just thinking about it. Amazing how your appearance can change in someone eyes. Oh well, to each their own I guess. Game didn't start til about 1 pm and this was about 11 am. she still had a while to go. Sort of funny about train, had no smoking signs all over, asked to be careful about cell phones but nothing at all about drinking. I would have thought that would or could be a problem if someone really had too much to drink but guess it isn't for them. Cell phone concern seemed strange, guess if someome was yelling in to phone or talking loud would distrub others. Interesting to say the least.

We'll leave Friday morning for Toledo, Oh. Found out last night the freeway was open and we don't have to hunt for a different route. That's a big relief, we're too old to make a change in our plans. LOL

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