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So there are two nice girls here and two mean ones. I try to only hang out with the nice ones but the two others are at my school and so there are always around. I have even volunteered to help coach so I am not around them as much. * Ignore that last statement if you are one of my teachers.* So if you have any insperational quotes of Bible versus I could use those right about now. The good news is though that they won't be going with us to Wales this weekend to go canyoning. There reasoning is one doesn't want to waste the money and the other is that she went white water rafting twice this summer and thinks it will be the same. Difference 1) we are in Wales not Oklahoma. 2) there is no raft involved. 3) we will be cliff jumping, repelling down waterfalls, and floating down the river on our own. Not trying to be Captain Obvious so I let her think she was close!! Miss everyone and I am off to tennis practice!!

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