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Swan in Canal

Oostpoort in Delft

The Gatewatcher

Yesterday was truly a day of R & R. In fact, the most note-worthy thing I can mention is that I tasted cow tongue. I purchased it with Simon at a Turkish meat market here in Delft. Simon prepared it along with potatoes and cauliflower covered in a rich sauce. Now the vegetables were delicious…and I suppose the meat was too…to some people, like Simon. I don’t know…it was something about the texture of the tongue and simply knowing that it was tongue that turned me off. After a couple of bites, I could eat no more. Thankfully, Simon understood and finished my portion.

Today we shopped in Delft, in the City Center. From there we strolled to the East Gate of the city. Oostpoort, it’s called. It is the oldest medieval entranceway to Delft built around 1400. It was quite pleasant.

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