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Home Sweet Home

All our life we have been in the "rat race" and chasing goals that had to be accomplished just to live and get by to the next payday. Life has been good to us but somehow it seems life was passing us by and we were caught up in living more and enjoying it less.

Then about a year ago, we started talking about buying a camper and a truck. We had a camper and truck before an we loved camping. We felt some of the most enjoyable times of our life were spent in the camper. But we got caught up in chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and didn't have time for the camper, so we sold it.

Now, we want to take time. We want to stop the world and let us get off. We want to spend the time and "smell the roses" the way we want to smell them. And so we are started talking about a truck and camper.

We bought a 28 ft fifth wheel (5ver in trailer jargon) and a 3/4 truck (tv in trailer jargon). We went on short camping weekend type trips to get warmed up to the problems, bugs and such and now we are ready to launch out into the deep and go full time camping.

I read everything I could find on it. Joined every forum on the subject I could find, asked all kinds of questions about everything. And now that I know for sure that I don't know very much about it, we are both as excited as ever about it. The "unknown" is waiting for us and we want to jump in amongst it.

We started planning, calculating, "what ifing" and such. When we launch out we want to go to Alaska. We want to see Canada, Banff, Dawson Creek, the Yukon Territory and Alaska. Lord willing, we will.

Now we plan on selling all we have. Furniture, clothes, tools, van, guns, etc. Everything that doesn't fit in the camper must go. We will begin that with earnest. Probably have an estate sale in February or April. We will have a small amount of "stuff" we will put in storage. Then we are off.

Launch date to be May 1, 2009.

More later.

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