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Inca terraces at Ollantaytambo

Another view of Inca terraces at Ollantaytambo

Men & oxen working the fields near Moray

Amphitheatre-style Inca terracing at Moray

Another Inca terrace at Moray

Salinas saltpans at Maras

Salinas saltpans at Maras, view 2

Isaac the guide at Salinas

Salinas saltpans at Maras, view 3

Urubamba nestled in the Sacred Valley

Pisac in the Sacred Valley

Windows of Inca ruins at Pisac

Some Inca buildings at Pisac

More Inca ruins at Pisac

Inca citadel at Pisac

Lush green Sacred Valley as seen from Pisac citadel

Flora along the hike

Pisac market

Llama encounter

Cuzco, as seen from hilltop Inca ruin Sacsayhuaman (Sexy Woman!)

Photos only ... see "The Many Faces of Peru" (story #71)

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