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My Mum’s brother lives in Rugby. That famous place that spawned the name for the game so close to most New Zealander’s hearts. So that is where we will go today, to catch up with my Uncle Harry.

Today is also a red letter day. It is the day that my Uncle Jim lent us his Tom Tom. No it is not a disease or a Native American drum beat. It is a Satellite Navigation System. After so many unplanned detours, unintended sight seeing tours, and multi rotations of traffic islands throughout our trip thus far, this little toy has become the most important thing that I have ever wanted to have.

Following the voice instructions and the simple arrow and coloured road display we easily made the 40 minute trip. We want one!

The day started much as most of the others. Cereal for breakfast, a bit of a catch up with the rellys and a quick trip through the World Wide Web.

We had mentioned to Uncle Harry that we would pop in for lunch or afternoon tea. But for some reason I got the idea that we would just go for a cuppa and a catch up.

On arriving at Rugby we checked out the location of Uncle Harry’s house. We were a bit early, and I was sure that I had seen my Uncle riding his mobility scooter travelling down the road a little way away.

So we wandered off for a while. We needed some gas and we saw a Sainsburys Store near by with a petrol station. There was also an in-store café that served hot meals. So Rowena had a baked potato and I had a big breakfast. Alright it was my second one of the day, but it looked so nice and, when it arrived, it was.

Us and the car now filled up we drove back to Uncle Harry’s place. On getting there we were met at the door by my Uncle and his pet greyhound dog. I was right that it was him that we had seen earlier, and happy that there was at least one of my relatives that I would recognise in the street, as I had.

The usual catch up and exchange of news. Then Uncle Harry told us that he had organised some lunch. He had clearly gone to some trouble, which included a trip to the shops on his scooter. Uncle Harry had had a fall a little while ago, which resulted in his false hip shattering the side of his femur and leaving him in hospital for quite a while. He was tied to his scooter now because of it.

Lunch was sliced ham, oven fried chips, pork pie, tomatoes and fresh bread. And there was lots of it. So we had lunch (although Rowena was clearly struggling and I was getting that way). Dessert was cake and a cuppa. At that point I was pretty full and Rowena was unable to move.

We retired to the lounge and did some more catching up.

All too soon it was time to head back to Uncle Jim’s. A couple of buttons and the Tom Tom took us all the way, with no problems at all. We had a little detour at a traffic island which put us on a wrong road. But this was because of a bad driver beside us preventing us from travelling in the lane we wanted. Tom Tom quickly recalculated and gave us the amended route in seconds.

I want one!!!!

Rowena and I were still uncomfortable from the large amount of food we had eaten during the day. So when asked we settled on a salad for tea.

I revisited the Internet for a while, TV and then bed. Sleep took quite a long time, probably because of the heavily loaded stomach. Even after finding sleep I had weird dreams and tossed most of the night.

This being cared for could be bad for my waist line!

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