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Yes, more time spending waiting for a bus, so another update.

Today we went to Port Denarau just outside of Nadi.

This is where all of the posh resorts (Hilton, Sheraton etc) are based. As soon as we were entering the island, we noticed that the World had suddenly turned from Fijian into Western. Couldn't see a Fijian in sight (apart from the bus driver), and the lack of Taxis asking us if we wanted a lift somewhere.

Had wondered where all of the Westerners go when they come to Fiji... Here!

Must admit, the hotels looked a bit nicer than Rendezvous, probably mosquito free and with various golfists playing outside. The houses looked rather expensive

Was very much like the UK, you go into a steak house, ask for a steak and they say that they have run out! Had to settle for the BIG Burger (well the bun was big). The only thing missing was a Starbucks.

Got the impression that most of them do not go outside of this resort, and therefore have not experienced the bus rides,the bumpy roads, the dirt tracks or all the friendly people outside.

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