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Do you see it

Hurry up, don't have all day

Favorite House

Missed the Moose

See the shops

Fair Time inside Mall

Kylie would have a time

All out of Legos

Are they hatching

Harvey's Lego bike

Want a ride

Christmas Shop

Will this make Monte want to start setting up

Light rail to downtown

Mississippi River

Gold Medal Flour Mill

Pillsbury Flour Mill

Store front

Old church steeple

Weinie any one

Made it to Mall of America. Arrived there about 10 after 11 and left about 10 til 7 - had a full day and didn't buy one thing. Can you believe it? Was a little impressed and alittle disappointed too. Said there was 520 stores on 3 floors, found that there were any where from 2 to 4 of the same store on each floor so didn't think that was right. Wasn't the cheapest place either. It had 4 base stores, Sears, Macys, Nordstroms and Bloomingdale for each corner on all 3 floors. It was interesting but one time will do you or me. In the middle of the center was an indoor amusement park. For all ages, had little ones' rides and big folks rides. Would loved to have had Kylie with us, would have really enjoyed the bumper cars. On Monday we took the light rail into Minneapolis and spent most of day there. Took the old Riverfront walk that was along the Mississippi River. Was quite a nice walk - probably about 2-3 mile total. Was ready for lunch and then a nap. lol We're leaving here Tuesday to head to LaCrosse, Wi. Time to get oil change and see what's there. Catch you later on.

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