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One of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota

Historic Murphy's Landing

One room school house

Classroom lessons

Potty room

Where's the money

Old church used til 1969

Weaving room

Spinning wheel

Central Heating system


We made it to Minneapolis or Savage about noon today, Went out to Murphy's Landing this afternoon. It sits on the Minnesota River and is a bunch of old houses that have been moved to this area. Dating back to 1844. We missed the tour guide so had to walk thru with map and info. Would have been much better with a guide, could have gone into the houses but we could look thru the windows in most of them. Want to let Kylie know that the school house was one room and had all grades. She could have been in the same room as all her cousins for school. But when she would have had to gone potty, out back was the room. Not sure she would have liked that one bit. I wouldn't have that's for sure. Tomorrow is America Mall Day. Only 520 stores, 50 restaurants, nation's largest indoor amusement park and have been told it's 6 stories high. Said we needed to be very agile for sure - not so sure we're that but plan on spending the day. It opens at 11 and closes at 7 tomorrow night so guess where we'll be all day. Harvey says he's going to leave his wallet here and all his one credit card. I don't have that type of plan at all - checked the bank and it says I have $$$ so going to take my debit card!!!!! Flyer I picked up says no sales tax on clothing and shoes - wow! Do you think I'll find something to but??? If have Christmas list, better get an email to me before 10 am tomorrow - it will be by 8 am Calif time. We're 2 hours ahead of you.

Harvey is offering a $25 gift certificate to Great America Mall if you guess the mystery picture. Can't spend it any where else and it's only good thru Monday, 9/8. LOL Tim was close to the answer, it is a "whoops" picture but have to guess what the "whoops" is!!

More pictures tomorrow of the Mall, if I'm able. If not, will get them up Monday. We're planning on catching a tram at the Mall and go into Minneapolis Monday. We've been told it is something else downtown and if I have the correct answer, I can spend the $25 gift certificate for you. Catch you later!

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