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Prarie Dog Town

Looking around

Watching for critters

Finding dinner

I can get out on a ledge too - white legs and...

Look at all the homes

On a Ledge

Different view

Badlands or Bad people

Real badlands

Roosevelt's Cabin


Ready to cook dinner

Nice bed and blanket

Medora is a very small town but has lots of tourism. Can't believe it. It may be 6 blocks in lenght with one block wide on south side and 4 blocks wide on east side of I94. It is home for Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It has 3 grocery stores, one in our campground, one in the Medora Campground and a convenience store in the "town". Three churches, about 14 restaurants, 8 motels and lots of gifts shops. Can't imagine why people come. Didn't impress us much. We went into the park Sunday - suppose to be the "Grand Canyon" of the Dakotas. You'd have to use your imagination for sure. It's nice and pretty in a dry sort of way. Saw lots of prarie dog towns, one wild horse, well think it was wild. Was all by itself in the open and didn't looked like it belonged to any one. Didn't see any bison, ranger said there was some in the park, they keep about 600 as a max, mostly in the north end and we're in the south. Roosevelt's cabin was interesting and the ranger gave lots of info. We agreed this was something to see but not something would make another trip to see. Guess either we missed a bunch or just not our cup of tea. Campground was full when we came in Sat;most of license plates were N Dakota, not many outside visitors. But the town was full with all sorts of license plates. Was hard to find parking on the streets.

We'll be leaving here in the morning, Tuesday, 9/2, going into Bismarck for a couple of days. There is to be an Indian Powwow at the college there Thursday thru Sunday. Planning to go Thursday and decide from there if we'll stay longer or head on out. We're going to go Ft Abraham Lincoln State Park to camp. Suppose to be some interesting things there = we've heard that before. LOL Won't have internet access there. Will update as we get to the next spot.

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