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Hello my Legion of adoring fans. I come to you today with a paradox. This has nothing to do with my use of my phrase “Legion of fans” as even I know only 2 people read these things and they gave birth to me and Shell respectively.

Paradox explanation time.

The only reason they read is because of some parental obligation that they find hard to resist. This is also the reason no one else reads it because we have to leave out all the juicy, dirty, depraved, illegal bits because we don’t want them to know what were really getting up to. Oh the humanity…..

So without further ado here is the queen of evil the princess of pain Shell…….

Yes thanks for that one Ad *L* Well here is my latest addition to our updates, it will probably be no where near as witty as those recently from Ad but here goes. It has fallen to me to fill in the gaps between our time travelling up from the South East Corner of New South Wales to our current position.

First stop was Sydney, with the car needing repairs as the engine was now really struggling, we decided to try the mechanic Adam’s brother Tim uses so we knew we had someone more reliable than our previous tries. As Adam has already written previously whilst we were in Sydney we went on a nice walk from Coogge Beach to Bondi Beach. Whilst on the walk we went past a cemetery that sits in prime location overlooking the sea. It is massive, and kinda impressive in a strange way (see vid attached).

From Sydney we made our way to the Nelson’s Bay area and guess what? The car was still spluttering whilst on petrol (we have a dual fuel – petrol/gas) so back we went to Sydney to get it checked out! This must have been at least the 4th time we have been into Sydney. Still we are starting to like Sydney more having been there a few times now and are looking at it as a possible place to settle should we end up staying in Australia. Whilst we were there it was Mel’s birthday (Tim’s girlfriend). To celebrate we went to Luna Park which is a small theme park (pic attached of the entrance – kinda freaky - Sar don’t look!) which was fun, though unsurprisingly I only went on a few rides, I’m a good coat holder at these type of places *L*.

Just our luck, whilst we were in Sydney for this last time there was the world youth day event happening. A week of celebrations by at least half a million young catholic people from around the world. The city was packed out with pilgrims wherever you looked, with their event backpacks and flags flying, and the pope constantly on the TV in his Pope-mobile, yes that’s what they called it! So to say our last visit to Sydney was not a quiet one by normal city standards is an understatement *L*

Anyway after the car was once again fixed (still a few niggles but mainly ok now) we made our way back to the Nelson’s Bay area. This area was nice and peaceful after the city even though some pilgrims seemed to have followed us North, with lots of bays to walk round and basically relax. One evening we were walking around Nelson’s Bay looking for a nice place to eat to celebrate our 7th anniversary (scary hey? Where does the time go?) We saw a pair of dolphins swimming fairly close to harbour area which was very cool. (Who needs to go on a boat to see them? *L* certainly not me!) On our way back from the harbour we passed a fish restaurant where some pelicans were lurking out the back. We stopped to watch them for a few minutes when low and behold a couple of the workers from the restaurant came out and started to get rid of the fish off cuts at least half of which got fed to the birds. Let me tell you pelicans are greedy! Even though they may have just eaten a fish and still have their neck distended from where it hasn’t worked its way down to their stomachs they are right back in there vying for the next offering! You could tell this is something that happens often as the fish knew exactly when and where to wait to get fed. They are strangely graceful creatures even though they have massive beaks.

Whilst in Nelson’s bay we managed to find a cheap cinema so got to see a couple of films, which was nice as we hadn’t been to the cinema in at least 6 months. We saw the new Batman film (a very cool film) and Hancock, which if you haven’t seen it is def only worth a watch on rental and then maybe not straight off when it is still expensive. It was very much one of those films where all the funny bits are in the trailer.

We went up to Byron Bay for a visit for the day and walked around the lighthouse there. It is very much a small surfing place, with nice beaches and relaxed vibe. We sat and had lunch on some rocks next to the beach, which we had to climb over when we had finished so as not to get wet feet from the tide coming in.

From here we travelled further North to see what delights Brisbane had to offer. Whilst on our trip North we stopped in at surfers paradise. I’m not quite sure what I expected but when we got there it is just a fairly long stretch of beach that is completely built up like some kind of Spanish holiday resort, high storey hotels as far as the eye could see. Definitely not a place we would stay for any length of time. The beach was nice, but when you are in a country surrounded by so many beaches you can always find a nice one. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful park on the point to the north end of Surfers Paradise, and sat idly watching a jet boat go past in the bay and soaked up the sun, all very relaxing. We then got back on the road again for another hour or so to Brisbane. When we got to Brisbane it was full! We couldn’t find any cheap accommodation anywhere! Seeing as it is currently winter here in Oz and a lot of backpackers come in summer time we haven’t really had any trouble finding places to stay, so it was a bit of a shock and quite annoying as we had been on the road for at least 5hrs. It turns out all the pilgrims had travelled north ahead of us, plus there was a farming festival of some type taking place so there was no room at the inn for Shell and Adam. So I had to hit the phone to try and find accommodation close by, a few hours later and many kms driven we finally finished up in a small placed called Nanango. This has a fairly large coal mine and one of the local sights is a huge dragline bucket that was used in years gone by (see pic).

Well that’s it leading up to Fraser Island that Adam has written all about for you guys. Since then we have been to a place called Bundaberg to look for work to no avail. However we did go on a tour of the rum distillery there. In this area of Queensland a lot of the farming is that of sugar cane, allowing the distillery to produce a large quantity of rum. It was an interesting tour which included a whole section on how they came up with their label mascot of the polar bear (I know a bit weird for a hot country). Since then we have spent a couple of weeks in Maryborough trying our best to secure some jobs to, 1 get some more money and 2 so we can send off for our second years working visa for Australia. As I say it is winter though so there isn’t really a lot of harvest work going, but after a couple of week of hunting we have managed to find some vineyard labouring jobs starting in mid-late September. So in the mean time we are going to have a second try at spending some time in Brisbane so wish us luck for our accommodation hunting!

Anyway we hope you are all well and had a good long bank holiday weekend. I can’t believe September is just about here, where has the time gone? Adam and I have now been travelling for 11 months; it is just mad how fast that time has sped past. So as I say we hope you are all well,

Luv Shell

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