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Royal Gorge Train #1

Royal Gorge Train

Ft Hayes = Dance with Wolves Movie set


At Mt Rushmore

Plaque for Presidents Trail @ Mt Rushmore

Up close and personal on Presidents Trail

Other two Presidents

Can you guess what this is?

Looking At Mr Rushmore thru one of the tunnels

One we're going thru

Last Tunnel - really tight

Really close to wall of tunnel

Bison in park

Needle Highway

Where National Treasure 2 was filmed

Nicholas Cage screeming when hand in this rock

Donkeys coming to eat like in Oatman

2 weeks old - ready to start eating

Crazy Horse

Look close for workers

Did you see them?

President Summer Home @ Sylvan Lake

Roosevelt stayed at top of balcony

In Jail at Ft Hayes

Dinner Show @ Ft Hayes at end of day

Elvis performed????

Deadwood Main Street


Museum in Keystone

Gun collection

We went to Royal Gorge Bridge. Got there late and wanted to walk on the bridge. Had a problem being charged $17 ea just to walk on the bridge. It is in a park and entrance fee is $24 for the day and get a discount back of $7 if in there only an hour. So, guess we were too tight since it was almost 5 when we got there. Do it another time. We met at Ft Hayes - from Dance with Wolves Movie, to go on our Tour of Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park, Needles Highway, and Iron Horse Road. Was a really good day. Lots of stuff to see and really had a good time on Iron Horse Road and Needles High way. Lots of pig tail curves and small and smaller tunnels to put an old Greyhound bus through. Made you want to hold your breath. The last tunnel we went thru we may have had 3-4 inches from side of bus to wall of tunnel. We stopped and the donkies came calling. Our driver had brougth pancakes and we fed them. They were very friendly as long as you had food. There was one that was 2 weeks old and he was alreading learning the trade. The last time we saw Crazy Horse Monument you could just barely make out the head - which was about 18 or so years ago. It has made a lot of change. Our driver says he thinks it will be complete in about 20 years. We went back to Ft Hayes for a chuckwagon dinner and entertainment with Elvis???? He was something else. Today, 8/29, we drove up to Sturgis which is a rather small town, about size of Chowchilla before prison inmates counted. They said last year at rally they have about 565,000 people there for the motorcycle rally, They predicted over 600,000 for this year's which was the first week of August. Cannot imagine that many folks in that town. Would have been something to see for sure. Still lots of motorcycles around here = lots of Harleys. Harvey's tongue is hanging out. LOL From there we went on up to Deadwood where Bill Hickcock died. He was shot in the back and the guy that shot him was acquited. Really wild west justice I guess. He lived there 6 weeks before he died and they really make a big deal out of it. Unfortunately almost the entire town is set up as a gambling town now. When looking at the store fronts you'd think you could shop, but when looking closer, you see the machines wanting your $$$. Really took something away from the idea of the town. We then went down to Keystone. That town has burned down twice with the 20 years and has flooded out once. Guess it wiped out the entire town and they had to rebuild. Doesn't look the same - lots of "junk" shops to buy gifts and such. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. Takes a bit out of it. Think we'll be leaving here in then next day or two so will update later. We might have a prize for those of you that can guess the "surprise" picture!

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